EeS-Enterprise Information Management (EIM) v1.0

A Data Governance and Data Sharing Solution


percent of all CEOs do not trust their data
percent of companies worry about reputational risk
percent of time is spent looking for data
percent of time spent on organizing and cleaning data
The EeS Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tool offers a simple GUI driven interface that helps you classify and manage your data assets thus creating lineages and context for swift discovery and smart decision making.



Create a customized hierarchical classification for your data. With the ability to organize your data into Subject Areas and link across them, you can establish a line of sight that helps you find the right piece of data at the right time.


Connect your data assets to your established classification to take full advantage of the line of sight you have prepared.

Self Service

The ability to get an insight into your connected data assets mean that you can create the dataset that you require to have your mission running smoothly.

Information Exchange

Organize your organizational data with mappings to established data models to simplify information exchange. Generate reports and Exchange Packets that help others understand your data.

Use Cases

Features and Benefits
  • Classification of Data
  • Connection to Data Assets
  • Sub Selection
  • Data Dictionary
  • Scalable Deployments
  • Flexible API
  • Permissions Management
  • Reporting
  • Search
  • Visualization
  • Data Collectors
  • Import/Export
  • Impact Reports
  • Optimization
  • Visibility
  • Self Service
  • Transformation
  • Single Source
  • Data Warehousing
  • Privacy
  • Stewardship
  • Records Management
  • Exchange Standardization
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